Hi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! This is my journey!

Hi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! This is my journey!

I'm Loki! I was born on April 30, 2016, on a beautiful farm in southern Virginia, and I'm TWO My mom and dad were fancy Gypsy Vanners. GVHS registered and everything!

Here's my beautiful mommy! Her name is Cushti Bok's Anniversary, called Annie:  Cushti Bok's AnniversaryAnnie

Photos courtesy of Legacy Vanners, Chase City, Virginia


And here's my handsome dad, Lenny:My Dad

Photo courtesy of Denise Thomas, Desert Jewel Gypsies

 Grandma Kathy (whom owns my birthplace, Legacy Vanners), gave me a wonderful life my first 2 years! Here I am in Virginia:  Loki at 7 weeks old Gypsy Vanner OH! And this is one of my favoritest people! Her name is Barb and she was there for me from the beginning, teaching me to lead and do fun stuff! I hear I'm her favorite! But that doesn't surprise me. I must be everybody's favorite, right? That's a cute face, if I do say so myself!

Loki 7 week old gypsy vanner learning to lead

Aunt Barb was SO very patient with me! She's the bestest!

Loki gypsy vanner colt

I loved my big huge pasture in Virginia! And I had a really cool buddy, Named Ren, whom is about a year younger than me. I also had my very own stall.

loki gypsy vanner colt

When I did come into my stall, it was really nice! And everyone treated me so well. I loved my Virginia family.

gypsy vanner Loki

Then, a couple months after I turned two, a lady drove down from a far away land called Ohio, to visit me. My Aunt Barb and Grandma Kathy introduced me to the lady.

Gypsy vanner at 2

And they let her play with me in the indoor arena. I decided I should show her how pretty I move, so I really strutted my stuff! trotting gypsy vanner 2 yr old Loki

The lady from Ohio seemed impressed with how well I move. And she seemed to like that I give kisses. She seemed sad and worried, though, and she didn't stay long. I heard her horse was quite old and having a hard time. She got a call while she was here saying her horse had fallen in the pasture and couldn't get up and they had to call the doctor to get her up. So the lady didn't spend much time with me, and hurried back to Ohio, but she seemed to like me and said she wanted me to be her friend. I like friends! Sounds good to me!

Then one day Aunt Barb put me in a big box on wheels and we drove on a big adventure to go see the lady in Ohio! Aunt Barb said this lady was going to be my new mom and she would love me just like they all do. 

Ohio is VERY different than Virginia! And I miss my Virginia family. But I do love my new mom and dad. And they love me, too. Mom gives me kisses CONSTANTLY. In fact, I have to give her a kiss every morning before she even gives me my breakfast! Well, that's ok. I do like giving kisses. I give kisses to every single person I meet. Mom also taught me to pull the zipper up and down on her winter coat! But she said I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, because that's a bad habit. So let's keep this a secret, ok?

I'm adjusting to my life in Ohio. I have 3 silly sheep friends. I enjoy chasing them and trying to take a chunk out of their wool. They don't seem to enjoy it quite as much as I do. I don't understand? It's a great game!  horse chasing sheep

Mom says I have a lot of "cow" in me for a draft horse. Did she just call me a cow? She said something about team penning.

I do like my new friends, though. That's Hilda, Mathilda and Liesl with me. gyspy vanner horse and sheep

There are lots of scary noises here, though. Like the barn door scared me for a long time. Mom said I was being a wuss. She has been trying to get me to not care about scary things, but seriously - doesn't everyone get spooked at scary things?  She has taught me that tarps are not scary. It was one of the first lessons I learned here.

  horse with tarp

Looks scary, though, doesn't it?


  horse standing on tarp

It's actually no big deal at all!  Kinda like the pool noodles.

horse with pool noodle

Mom worked with me with the pool noodle for a bit and then, even though I didn't have a halter on, she just put it on my back! Meh, whatever. It's not scary anymore, mom!

I have a new special friend now, too! Her name is Tante Claudia (Tante means "aunt" in German, because Tante Claudia is Austrian!).  I love Tante Claudia very much! She has taught me many cool things!

And then she did this:

Claudia riding Loki

Oh my gosh! She's on my BACK! Whatup Claudia?! 

Well, I'm not positive I understand all this, but she was very patient and kind to me, so it's ok! Besides, I love her. Loki and Claudia

Well, this is the first story in my journey. I hope you've enjoyed it. Check back soon for my next installment in the chronicles of my life.


Loki, The Blogging Horse

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