Loki The Blogging Horse - All My New Friends!

Loki 2 Yr Old Gypsy Vanner and Dad Steven Swiniarski

I have made so many new friends on my new journey! Want to meet some of them?

I should start with my farm sitter! Amber is SO nice and treats me awesome!  She gives me SKITTLES! Well, mom told her I'm not allowed to have Skittles, so Auntie Amber only sneaks me a few. My mom doesn't know, so SSSHHH! Don't tell her!

loki and amber 2amber and loki kissingLoki and Amber

This nice lady, Susan Linville, orders products from my mom, for her store in PA!  She was very nice, as was her friend. sue and loki


One evening, mom and dad told me that two of their oldest, dearest friends were coming to meet me! Wow! I guess I'm pretty special, huh? They are both fancy Phd types. I better make a really good impression on them! Here is Dr. Geoff Landis, NASA Scientist and Science Fiction writer, and Dr. Mary Turzillo, Retired College Professor (!!!!) and also a Science Fiction writer! Dr. Landis Dr. Turzillo and Loki

They both really love animals and are super nice!  Mom told them I like to give and receive kisses, so Dr. Landis obliged!   geoff Landis kissing loki

Dr. Turzillo and loki



 Dr. Turzillo is such a sweet lady! She says she's a "cat lady" (whatever that is), but that she also loves ME!

This lady is named Caylee Volker, and she is mom's trumpet friend! They play trumpets in the Cleveland Women's Orchestra together. Mom says Caylee is an awesome person, so I love her already!


  caylee and lokicaylee and loki kissing        

I've also met the little 94 yr old lady next door! Mrs. Haynosh likes to watch me play. Her son was so nice to bring her over to actually get to meet me!  I like her a lot.


helen and loki


A VERY TALL gentleman, named Bill, came to visit me one day. Wow he was tall! But he was also very nice to me. Mom says he is married to her close friend, Brenda, whom was the woman that convinced mom to get me! Bill and LokiBill Ridenour and Loki

One day, a large group of people that mom called "dog people" came to meet me! I was a little confused because none of them looked like dogs! They showered me with carrots and treats!  WOW! I really love each and every one of them!!!!! 









Then 2 people that just live at the other end of our town came to visit! This is Jan and John Ross. They are also "cat people" like Mary. Still not sure what that means, but they were nice to me, so I like them!  Jan and John meet LokiJohn is pretty cool!Jan likes kisses!


Mom's "German Band" friend, Chrissy Roppelt also made  time to visit me! She is very sweet and I like her a lot.  Chrissy and Loki


One day, a nice lady, named Erika Milenkovich, brought her daughter, Yelena, and mom's dear friend Dave's daughter, Maria, over for a visit! Mom says Erika owns and publishes the Ohio Equestrian Directory, a really spiffy magazine that has neat articles, plus listings for Ohio horse-related businesses! I REALLY enjoyed meeting the girls! I think EVERY pony should be loved by a girl or two!  Erika Yelena and Maria with Lokimaria yelena lokimaria loki yelena


I guess this post wouldn't be complete without including mom and dad! Did you know that my dad is not a "horse person" (yet)? Mom says he's a "city boy" but she hopes I will cure him of that. I'm working on it mom! I love my dad and I even help him when he works around the paddock. steve and lokiloki and steve 2One day dad even called his niece, 4 yr old Hazel, and let her "Facetime" with me! I really enjoyed that! hazel 1loki facetime phone call

My new mom has been fun to get to know. I can tell she loves me a whole lot. She said I helped heal her heart (maybe I should be a doctor when I grow up?!). When she lost her other horse from old age, she was very heartbroken, but then I came along and gave her kisses and she said I really helped her.  That makes me feel good because I love it when people are happy!  me and loki

Well, I guess that's it for now! Stay tuned for my next post, which I think might revolve around new stuff I've learned!









Love, Loki







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Hi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! This is my journey!
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