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Gypsy Vanner Horse In Snow Equestrian Blog

I was born and spent the first two years of my life in Southern Virginia on a beautiful farm.  The weather was lovely there, except when it rained hard.  And then I moved to Ohio.... Mom did NOT adequately prepare me for this crazy "snow" stuff! Oh my gosh! It was FRIGHTENING the first time I saw it!  Well, I happen to have a video of the first time I saw this crazy "snow" stuff!  Here it is for your amusement!

You guys! I almost plowed mom down in the beginning when I first saw the snow! She said she wasn't expecting it. Said something about "normal horses" (hmpf!) enjoy the snow. Whatever, mom. Talk to the hoof. 


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Hi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! This is my journey!
Hi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! This is my journey!

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Loki The Blogging HorseHi! I'm Loki, the blogging horse! Click here to read deep thoughts from my stall! This is the first installment of the chronicles of my life!

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