About Equestrian Delights

Equestrian Delights is the brand I developed out of my passion for horses. A life-long equestrian, I currently own a 3 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding, named Loki.

About my bath products:

Just because we spend our barn time flinging manure and getting dirty, doesn't mean we don't want to feel clean and fabulous the rest of the time! Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take care of it. So when you come home with arena dust embedded in your face, give my Activated Charcoal organic facial bar or facial scrub a try.

Ingredient Integrity:

High quality ingredients are imperative to achieving that show-ring glow! My soaps use non-GMO oils. Some are vegan and some are goat milk. I use whole, fresh goat milk for a luxuriously creamy lather.

My lotions are full of organic oils and botanical extracts. Organic jojoba, shea, aloe, flax seed and other oils are combined with organic botanical extracts of calendula, chamomile, and lavender to give you an amazingly moisturizing experience, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

For our facial care line, in addition to the above mentioned Activated charcoal soap and scrubs, we also offer a hand-blended under eye serum that includes organic tamanu oil, organic carrot seed and lavender essential oils, borage oil, evening primrose oil and meadowfoam seed oil. So the next time you are trying to look your best at 5 am, after 3 hours of sleep, when you arrive at the show, grab this handy roll-on bottle to help you out! Need a facial toner? We have you covered! And with quality ingredients like organic rose water, lavender water and witch hazel, you'll feel like you all ready went Grand Champion.

My bath and boot powder contains NO talc or cornstarch! Instead, I use arrowroot powder and kaolin clay. A little aspen bark root extract gives it anti-microbial properties. In addition to using it after a shower, you can also use it help get your riding boots on!

The Men's line is sure to please, with handy travel-sized shaving soap, already in a tin! It's absolutely perfect for the gentleman that likes to wet-shave, even when away at a horse show for the weekend!

The cologne line includes selections for both men and women, and has been very popular at the shows. The 50 Shades is SEXY!


I also design and create beautiful, layered, cutout cards, holiday and every day greeting cards, stickers, notepads, stationery, planner pages, and more! All with equestrian themes for your favorite horse lover, or yourself!

I have also curated the rest of my boutique with equestrian themed items I have sourced elsewhere, such as adorable oven mitts with horses on them, bath mats, pillows, etc.

My horse, Loki, is but one of our animals. My husband and I also own 3 sheep, a boxer dog, and 2 cats. Here's my sweet gelding, Loki, whom has never met anyone he didn't love and want to kiss.

PS - That's Loki's '80's Rock Star look!

Blisstanicals is my original brand of handmade bath and body products.

I love gardening and grow a large variety of herbs. I had been using them to make soap and bath products for our personal use. One day my husband asked me what I was going to do with so many herbs? My answer was to expand by producing my soap and bath products for the benefit of others to enjoy, as well. Thus Blisstanicals was born.

Most of my bath products are Vegan.  I do offer a few goat milk soaps, with locally-sourced whole fresh goat milk. Regardless if they are vegan or goat milk, they have shea butter in them for a great moisturizing lather.

My organic vegan lotions have extracts of lavender, calendula, and chamomile flowers, for their skin-loving properties, as well as shea butter, aloe, and jojoba in them for a superior moisturizing experience!

My body polish is great for your tired feet, your face, or the rest of your body! They are emulsified so they don't separate like most scrubs do. That makes them so much easier to use! It also makes them longer lasting than traditional scrubs.

Herbal facial steams, under eye roll-ons, and clay masks round out my offerings, for a full high-end spa experience.

High-end spa experience

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