Hand Sanitizer Spray For Horse Lovers, Set of Two Bottles of Sanitizing Spray, Ready To Ship Gifts for Equestrians

So you spent most of the day at the barn? And now you're starving and going to run through the drive through and grab something to eat?  Hold up, cowgirl! How much manure did you fling today? How about you use some hand sanitizer before grabbing that burger! These come in a set of two - 2oz bottles of hand sanitizing spray and are the perfect size to keep one in your truck and one in your tack box!

Your choice of

  • Juicy Apple scent (who doesn't love a tart Granny Smith apple!)
  • Frisky Frisian (which smells a lot like black amber & musk)
  • Pasture Buddies (Lavender essential oil scents this selection)
  • Peppermint Pony (Peppermint essential oil scents this selection)

You will receive TWO spray bottles of the scent of your choice, each spray bottle holds 2 oz, for a total of 4 oz of product, for $10  

Keep a different scent in every location and never be caught dirty-handed!